Touchscreen sleek.

Integrated card machines

We provide reliable and robust payment solutions for every style of business and demands.

24 hour terminal replacement takes away the stress of inconvenience.

Elegant and revolutionary, this payment machine is smart and stylish providing a designer experience for your clients, reporting real-time data and analysis. It’s not just a pretty face. Our touchscreen card machines are suitable for all business, connecting to WiFi to process transactions.

Let’s talk about upgrading your payment solutions.

Card payment solutions
from a partner you can trust

Whether your card payments are at the till, at tables or on the move, we have a terminal to suit every style of business.

Perfect for businesses with unreliable internet. Never lose on a transaction again!! Smart and stylish. The A920 is a revolutionary terminal, delivering elegance to the payment experience. This sleek design combines features of an Android tablet with a payment terminal.

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